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Welcome to Sandra's Blog my escape is card making l took it up in 2007 after l retired from the Civil Service l am recently Widowed have 3 children all grown up and flown the nest Four grand children Tayla, Nathan, Poppy and Mila they keep me on my toes l adore then but it's always nice when they go home....lol l like making my own cards and enjoy the challenges it provides Sandra H xxx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My lovely Day spent with my Grand daughter Tayla

Hello All, 

This is Tayla our grand daughter her grand father Dennis & i had Tayla for the day which we just loved so after taking Tayla to see her Aunty Sarah for 30 min's we took Tayla home, Tayla always sleeps well in her car seat and here is the evidence, the weather was lovely we took Tayla to feed the swans only to see one swan and a few ducks anyway, the bread didn't go to waste there were plenty of seaguls around to pick up the crumbs, the walk was lovely, plenty of fresh air for Tayla, Dennis & myself had a lovely walk, when we got home Tayla slept for a futher 3 hours giving me the time to prepare the dinner for my family and once dinner was over the match was about to start Manchester United / Chelsea United won so my family was happy good one Fergie!!! good day all round having Tayla here and the family seeing their team win again yeah!!

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  1. She is so precious! They do sleep well in their car seats, how I remember! I'm glad you had a nice time with her & the memories you will continue to make for her with visits like that as she grows. I can just imagine how she will be chasing those animals soon & feeding them is something mine always and still do have FUN doing!

    Thank you for your kind comment about my bunny container!